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VENGEANCE RISING - DESTRUCTION COMES (*Used-CD, 1991, Intense Records) Original Issue

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***Original Issue / Very well cared for

After the dissolution of the original Vengeance Rising line-up, some thought that the Vengeance Rising name would quickly die and become nothing but a footnote in the history of Christian Metal. Those people would find themselves wrong, however, when front-man Roger Martinez soldiered on with a new record, new sound, and new touring band. Destruction Comes was a record long on hyper-fast, intense riffing and short on subtlety. Roger laid it all on the table, blasting his way through 10 tracks of intense thrash that bordered on death metal, with nary a respite moment throughout. Where the previous records were laced with melody and technical prowess, Destruction Comes was all about speed and intensity this album took no prisoners.

1 You Can’t Stop It 3:13
2 The Rising 5:11
3 Before The Time 2:57
4 The Sword 3:15
5 He Don’t Own Nothing 3:07
6 Countless Corpses 5:31
7 Thanatos 5:04
8 You Will Bow 4:09
9 Hyde Under Pressure 1:08
10 Raegoul 6:51