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2-VINYL BUNDLE - RAINBOW PROMISE + STEVE POWELL - REVELATION (*NEW-VINYL, 1972 & 1974/2021, Retroactive) Xian Acid, Psych Fuzz Monster!

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RAINBOW PROMISE - RAINBOW PROMISE (*NEW-VINYL, 1972/2021, Retroactive) Xian Acid, Psych Fuzz Monster! 

STEVE POWELL - REVELATION (THE PARTY'S OVER) (*NEW-VINYL, 1974/2021, Retroactive) RAINBOW PROMISE LEAD SINGER - Monster Rural Rock/Psych Monster!

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  • Elite Jesus Music
  • First time ever on CD - Remastered for 140 gram heavy-weight vinyl
  • Originally release 1972
  • Original issue vinyl copies sell for many hundreds of dollars $365-$565) and are near impossible to find!
  • Featured in all the elite psychedelic collector's value - The Acid Archives, The Archivist, Fuzz Acid and Flowers
  • For fans of early DeGarmo & Key, Larry Norman, Fraction, Agape, All Saved Freak Band, and Exkursions
  • Lead singer - Steve Powell also released a solo album called "Revelation" in 1974 - also available on CD and Vinyl - highly recommended!


One of THE top Christian psychedelic rarities is this custom guitar-based rock monster from the 5-man band, Rainbow Promise with strong west coast vibes that recall the best of Wilson McKinley!  The stage is set right from the start with the righteous rocker, "Get Ready," featuring mouth-dropped-to-the-floor sharp dual guitar leads (reminds us of "Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones!). "Someone You Need" follows with some of the most insane scorching echoed wah-wah guitar on record anywhere and.  "Do You Hear" starts off fast, then adjust to a moodier feel, on par with much of what is on the Christian psych legendary album, "Spirit of Elijah" by Wilson McKinley.  The same can be said for both "Prophecy" and "Rebirth," with the latter treating listeners to inspired echoed guitar leads. Track eight is an electrified cover of one of the most iconic Jesus Music tracks of the 70's - "Little Country Church," made popular by Love Song.  It's hard to top all this greatness!  The band even breaks open a fresh can of pure charm with the delightful country rocker, "Romans 8-28" and the laid back campy "The Joy of the Lord."  The album features dynamic drumming and not a single keyboard note to be found anywhere!  The homemade cover art is psychedelic perfection, with a depiction of the glorified Son of Man in the midst of seven candlesticks as presented in Revelation 1:12-18.  Guitarist and primary songwriter, Steve Powell (R.I.P. 2021) also has a 1974 solo album, Revelation (The Party's Over) also available on CD and Vinyl. CDs come with a foil-stamped trading card, packaged in an eight panel insert.  Vinyl comes with a 12" insert, and both CD and Vinyl have been remastered to perfection. For fans of Exkursions, Wilson McKinley, The Doors, Rolling Stones, Cream, Iron Butterfly, early Resurrection Band, All Saved freak Band, Agape, and JC Power Outlet!  If you like massive, haunting rock music, and a scorching, guitar onslaught, then this is for you!   

1 Get Ready 3:03
2 Someone You Need 3:54
3 Do You Hear 3:38
4 Romans 8-28 3:45
5 The Joy Of The Lord 1:34
6 I've Got The Rebirth 5:19
7 Prophecy 5:20
8 Little Country Church 2:44 (Love Song cover tune)
9 Please Don't Refuse Him 3:20

STEVE POWELL - REVELATION (THE PARTY'S OVER) (*NEW-VINYL, 1974/2021, Retroactive) Monster Rural Rock/Psych Monster!

  • Steve Powell is the lead singer and main man behind the epic RAINBOW PROMISE!
  • First time ever on CD & Heavy weight Vinyl Remasters
  • Originally released 1974
  • Lead singer of the monstrous slab of fuzz, Rainbow Promise
  • Original issue Vinyl has sold for up to $355 in collector's markets
  • Elite rural rock and Christian psychedelic readily available for the first time in 50 years!
  • CD comes with foil-stamped trading card!

This album will appeal to fans of the psychedelic monstrosity called RAINBOW PROMISE, as Steve Powell is the lead sing of that giant slab of FUZZ guitar.  As with solo albums from bands like The Exkursions and Harvest Flight, the solo album is full of rock, but not quite as radical.  Yes, there are a handful of softer moments, but the album still features plenty of electric basement vibes - fully in tact!  "Freedom" grinds out in a heavy, grungy Larry Norman way, while "Excites Me" lays it down with riffs that can only be described as raw and bluesy - in all the right ways!  "I Wanna Live" sure sounds like one of those psychy rural ballads off of Rainbow Promise.  Powell goes on to nail several more rural rock tracks, all while playing piano, drums, while providing quality work on rhythm guitar and lead guitar.  The man has no limits! 
All ten tracks are digitally remastered.  The CD comes with a four panel insert, while the Vinyl comes in at 140 grams, a quality heavy weight listening experience! For fans of Love Song, Phil Keaggy, early Petra, Iron Butterfly, Larry Norman, The Talbot Brothers, and Rainbow Promise!

A1 Gonna Take A Trip 2:55
A2 It Doesn't Have To Be 2:47
A3 Revelation 3:30
A4 Freedom 3:39
A5 I Wanna Live 2:50
A6 Excites Me 0:57
B1 Excites Me 1:04
B2 I Love Jesus 3:25
B3 The King's Lady 3:50
B4 Come Back Home 3:43
B5 Psalm 61 4:04