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Warlock - Triumph & Agony Live (Marble Blue & White Vinyl) (*NEW-VINYL, Gatefold, 2021)

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In celebration of 35 years of her classic album "Triumph And Agony" Doro Pesch Of Warlock will release "Triumph And Agony Live" in various formats including CD, vinyl, cassette, Blu-ray and a great boxset on September 24th! Doro says: "It was always my dream to play the "Triumph And Agony" album in it's entirety live. The first time we did it was at Sweden Rock followed by a big tour in the USA and Spain, and more large festival shows like Graspop and Norway Rock." Now it's finally done: a great live album/Blu-ray called "Triumph And Agony Live". "It's one of my favorite records we've ever done! It includes some of our big classic anthems like ´All We Are´, ´Für Immer´ and ´I Rule The Ruins´ as well as fan favorites like ´Metal Tango´, ´Three Minute Warning´, ´Kiss Of Death´ and ´East Meets West´, not to forget headbanging album opener ´Touch Of Evil´. I'm super excited to let the fans hear and see it!"

1 Legacy
2 Touch of Evil
3 I Rule the Ruins
4 East Meets West
5 Metal Tangoi
6 FÜR Immerikiss of Death
7 Cold Cold World
8 Make Time for Love
9 Three Minute Warningi
10 All We Are