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WOE OF TYRANTS - THRENODY (*NEW-ORANGE VINYL, 2024, Brutal Planet Records) Ferocious Technical Thrash/Death Metal!

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WOE OF TYRANTS - THRENODY (*NEW-ORANGE VINYL, 2024, Brutal Planet Records)

BPV1649 WOE OF TYRANTS - THRENODY Vinyl 637405140958

  • Officially licensed from Metal Blade Records
  • 2010 original release
  • First time ever on vinyl
  • Critically acclaimed with many elite reviews 
  • Dustie Waring (Between the Buried and Me) – solo on "Venom Eye"
  • Toured with Unearth, God Dethroned, Psyopus, Lazarus A.D.
  • 12x12 Lyrics insert
  • Limited to just 300 copies
  • Mastered for Vinyl by Rob Colwell

Chris Catanzaro – vocals
Nick Dozer – guitar
Matt Kincaid – guitar
Shaun Gunter – bass
Johnny Roberts – drums

🔥🎸 Unveiling the Ultimate Vinyl Reissue: Woe of Tyrants - Threnody! 🎸🔥 Attention Metalheads and Vinyl Enthusiasts! Prepare yourselves for a relentless onslaught of musical fury as Brutal Planet Records proudly presents the long-awaited reissue of Woe of Tyrants' monumental album, "Threnody," now available in a limited edition orange vinyl pressing! 🧡 Originally unleashed upon the world in 2010 by Metal Blade Records, "Threnody" has since solidified its status as a timeless masterpiece of the metal genre. But that's not all! This exclusive reissue, limited to just 300 units, comes packed with a stunning 12x12 lyrics insert, making it an essential addition to any discerning collector's arsenal. What sets Woe of Tyrants apart from the pack, you ask? Well, brace yourselves, because these titans of metal dwell in the realm of Drop D flat tuning – a staggering 4 steps higher than the norm! This unique tuning unleashes a sonic assault where guitars reign supreme, showcasing unparalleled precision and unrivaled shredding prowess. Prepare to be blown away by the sheer virtuosity of their musicianship! But that's just the tip of the molten iceberg. "Threnody" delivers a relentless barrage of speed, technicality, and thrashy mayhem, accompanied by atmospheric keyboards that add a haunting depth to the sonic landscape. From blistering blast beats to lightning-fast solos and spine-tingling bass drops, every track is a testament to the band's unwavering dedication to the craft. Led by lower/mid-range vocals that exude raw power and intensity, Woe of Tyrants will transport you to a realm where metal reigns supreme. So, if you crave the adrenaline rush of speed metal, the intricacy of technical mastery, and the sheer adrenaline-pumping energy of a live show, look no further than "Threnody." This limited run vinyl reissue, meticulously mastered for vinyl by the esteemed Rob Colwell, is not just an album – it's a sonic journey, a testament to the enduring power of metal music. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of metal history. Pick up your copy of Woe of Tyrants' "Threnody" today, and unleash the fury within! 🤘🔥

Tetelestai 1:13
Creatures Of The Mire 4:00
Venom Eye 4:22
Tempting The Wretch 4:25
Threnody 6:27
Bloodsmear 4:38
The Venus Orbit 3:33
Lightning Over Atlantis 4:24
Singing Surrender 3:58
Descendit Ad Infernos (The Harrowing Of Hell)

Tetelestai/Creatures Of The Mire/Venom Eye/Tempting The Wretch/Threnody/Bloodsmear/The Venus Orbit/Lightning Over Atlantis/Singing Surrender/Descendit Ad Infernos (The Harrowing Of Hell)