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AMAZIAH - STRAIGHT TALKER: (Legends Remastered Vol 1) CD, Born Twice Records

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Copies of this 1979 vinyl release have been spotted for close to $1,000. Originally, this was a custom release in England (where the band was located), and that?s the one that has skyrocketed in value. Those with ears trained to homemade heavy rock monster sounds will find a real treasure here. A few progressive influences shine though on Way, Truth, Life,? but mostly just loud cranking hard rock with aggressive guitar coupled with power synths and organ. Great stomping head banger riffs abound on the closer ?He Is Lord.? They can be melodic too as proved on the one ballad ?All Is Peace.? Canada?s legendary Tunesmith label (Servant, Barnabas, etc) picked up the record and released it on luscious red vinyl, replacing the original simple logo cover with the now classic band photo that makes them out to be punk rockers (which they?re not). The band shown on the Tunesmith label was a later line-up of the band, not the one actually heard on the record. By the time of that photo the band was actually doing some punk stuff, hence the more radical look. On the Born Twice Records: Legends Remastered Volume One you can hear this legendary release in digital format for the very first time, remastered by specialist J Powell of Steinhaus. As an added bonus you can hear the post-album four track demo that showcases the new slightly punk-influenced direction of the new line-up. Everything is packaged in a beautiful 6 panel digipak featuring both the original custom release's cover and the Tunesmith cover with the classic picture of the band (leopard skin and all!). It even includes a band biography to introduce the band to new fans! For fans of BTO, Aerosmith, Daniel Band, Barnabas, Nazareth, and Deep Purple! Collect all of the Legends Remastered special series that resurrects classic Jesus Music and Christian rock releases from the 70?s! See also Bill Mason Band and Exkursions for Volumes 2 & 3 of this collectible series.


One CD for the first time

Highly collectible classic Jesus Music release

Remastered with bonus tracks

Included in Ken Scott's collector's book The Archivist 4th Edition OF Jesus Music classics


Way Truth Life, Say Good Night, No. 1, All Is Peace, Night Walker, Slowly, Peace, He Is Lord, No. 1 (demo), Vision (demo), All Is Peace (demo), Susie (demo)