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EXKURSIONS - S/T (*NEW-CD, 1971, Heavy Christian Psych) Mike Johnson Band

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Artist: Exkursions


Barcode: 845121042801

Product ID: BTR7787

Record Label: Born Twice Records

Release Date: December 6th, 2011

Style: Classic Hard Rock/Psychedelic

Packaging: Full color 6 panel digipak


High-octane power rock trio of Mike Johnson, Fyl Jonnzen and Leon Wilson, their custom album absolutely blitzing through eight tunes of heavy blues-influenced material in the vein of Hendrix and Cream. No muffled sounds here the production is top-notch and the guitars shine forth loud and mean, heavily imbrued with 60s psych effects (originally released in 1971). Singer/lead guitarist Johnson gives an exceptional performance; he contributed a number of fine solo albums in the 70s, but none of them cook with near the intensity of this baby. Third Eye is a good example; after starting with some bizarre psycho-babble, the piece breaks into a fierce minute-and-a-half electric guitar jam (recalling Stu Heiss opening solo in Rez Band's White Noise). Dry Ground is another standout, its fast-driving Hendrix groove outfitted with a killer searing guitar lead. Baby You Lied, a love-gone-bad slow blues rocker sounds like one of those lengthy Derek & the Dominoes tracks, with wild stereo separation that I'm sure made many a hippie smile back then. Dual rhythm guitar and leads give the band a fuller sound than most trios. Wah-wah and fuzz effects abound, sometimes together as on the opening CCR-ish Picture Woman. Good solid drum work throughout, too, including a solo opportunity at the beginning of the heavily fuzzed Would You Believe, a smooth piece of soft jazz that Mike also included on his Velvet Prince album. Great psychedelic cover art to match. Says on the back they formed in Chicago in 1968, their sound spawned out of Chicago's own particular blend of jazz, blues and rock. This one delivers in everyway! On the 2011 Born Twice Records: Legends Remastered Volume Three you can hear this legendary release in digital format, remastered by specialist J Powell of Steinhaus. Everything is packaged in a beautiful 6 panel digipak that even includes a band biography that is helpful for new fans! For fans of Hendrix, Cream, early Resurrection Band! Collect all of the Legends Remastered special series that resurrects classic Jesus Music and Christian rock releases from the 70's! See also Amaziah & Bill Mason Band for Volumes 1 & 2 of this collectible series.

1 Picture Woman 5:30
2 Dry Ground 3:44
3 Baby You Lied 6:44
4 What Happened to Me? 2:44
5 Third Eye 5:41
6 You & Me 4:55
7 It's Been Set Down 4:44
8 Would You Believe 4:20