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ALIADOS – GET OFF MY LIFE (*NEW-CD, 2021, Kivel Records) Melodic AOR/Hard Rock!

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What better way to put that 9-5 / 40 hour thankless job, with the power trip boss behind you? With ALIADOS and their new album, "GET OFF MY LIFE"!! We can't wait for all of you to crank this album. While you lay rubber leaving your company parking lot and turning the title track up to 11.  We couldn't ask for a better band and album to kick off our 2021 release schedule with. As ALIADOS are a welcomed group of fresh blood mixed with excitement and enthusiasm to our modest little rock n roll family. They are going to fit in nicely.  For fans of classic melodic hard rock ala Whitesnake, early Cinderella, Poison, Tango Down and more!  It's a tremendous album of anthemic ROCK!

1 Get Off My Life 5:02
2 I Will Shout 4:16
3 You're The One 4:12
4 Prisoner 4:04
5 Learning To Love You 3:34
6 She Will Be 4:25
7 Angel 4:36
8 Beyond Silence 3:25
9 Reborn 3:22
10 Always 4:13
11 Luz (Spanish Bonus Track) 3:13