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BOMBAY BLACK - ¡En Fuego! (*NEW-CD, 2023, Kivel Records) elite AOR/smokin' hot rock!

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Barcode:  0798576239398

BOMBAY BLACK - ¡En Fuego! (*NEW-CD, 2023, Kivel Records) elite AOR/smokin' hot rock!

The long wait is over!! No big build. No teasers. Just an unexpected tap on the shoulder followed by a haymaker when you turn around. Welcome back (although they never really left) not just another band from L.A. , but some bad boys from Arkansas, and the best kept secret in ROCK N ROLL, ........BOMBAY BLACK!!!

They are back with their 8th release, ‘¡En Fuego!’ on Kivel Records (Available NOW!) ‘¡En Fuego!’ Promises to pick up where the band left off. With hard hitting rock n roll seasoned with some catchy hooks, big vocal harmonies with a big kick in the ass.

This is a band that cannot be categorized so easily. They crank it up to a beat that is certainly their own. While drawing from their arena rock influences. This is a band you just listen to, you go for a ride with them. 13 tracks that will no doubt play responsibility in getting you a speeding ticket cranking this while heading down the highway. However, this album is more than four on the floor tunes and offers plenty for the listener. With their in-your-face tunes, to upbeat anthems that you will find yourself singing along to. Along with some groove laden mid-tempo tunes. There is something for everyone, as every box for a Rock N Rol album is checked.

All sewed up nicely by the masterful production of Producer, Ty Sims (House of Lords, Robin Beck, James Christian, Tango Down) If you like your music on 11 and your gas pedal pinned to the floor, then you have just found the perfect soundtrack to your summer road trip. Now pop it in and leave some skid marks behind as that first chord rings out.

‘¡En Fuego!’ Track order
The Trailer
Just another Band from LA
Annie Loves Jayne
Call Me Names
Makes Me the Devil
All you Need is a Heartbeat
The Body
No Sex B4 Breakfast
Sick of Myself
Devil's in The Details
One of My Kind
Karma Train
Best Night of our Lives