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NO LOVE LOST - S/T DEBUT (*NEW-CD, 2013, Kivel Records) AOR/Glam/Hair/Metal

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 NO LOVE LOST - S/T DEBUT (*NEW-CD, 2013, Kivel Records) AOR/Glam/Hair/Metal

1 Another Bad Goodbye
2 Sign Of The Times
3 Little Things
4 Catch Me Carrie
5 Miles Apart
6 Friend Of Pain
7 Back On The Streets
8 Lie In Ecstasy
9 Grounded
10 Break
11 Skin And Bone
12 Closer To Home
13 Desiree

Another classy release from the Kivel Records stable.

No Love Lost are a five piece hard hitting melodic rock band, hailing from the Carolinas' in the USA and are not to be confused with the Gothic Doom Metal band from Birmingham with the same name. Founded back in 2006, the current five members: singer Scott Board, lead guitarist Jason Staton, drummer Brian Asbelle, guitarist Dan Fournier, and bassist Scott Davis have finally released their self-titled album packed full of quality melodic hard rock/metal songs.

The band's biography cites major influences from bands like Firehouse, Whitesnake, Stryper and Winger and these influences can be clearly heard throughout the album without ever plagiarizing said groups. Containing thirteen original songs, the album will be of interest to those who like their melodic rock on the heavier side, leaning more towards metal than traditional AOR.

Opening track 'Another Bad Goodbye' gets the album off to a fine start with crunching guitars, powerful lead vocals and lush, layered harmonies. 'Little Things' is an early highlight with a more AOR feel whilst songs like 'Catch Me Carrie' and 'Miles Apart' have a progressive/pomp vibe. 'Miles Apart' features Hammond organ giving it a more classic rock style. The Whitesnake sounding 'Friend Of Pain' features some fine soloing by Jason Staton.

Songs like 'Sign Of The Times', 'Wait' and 'Lie In Ecstacy' whilst retaining all the melodies, have a more metallic edge to them, with the latter having a great atmospheric feel that allows Scott Board gets to flex his vocal skills. The two ballads on the album, 'Grounded' and 'Closer To Home', are another perfect vehicle for Scott Board's clear vocal talents and also enable the rest of the band to showcase their collective musical flair; the arrangement on 'Grounded' being a particular personal favourite. The album concludes, as it began, with another stylish melodic rocker in the form of 'Desiree'.
Special praise should be singled out for Brian Asbelle who has done a fantastic job on the production which is not far off major label standards.

Another classy release from the Kivel Records stable. Fans of bands like Tango Down, LaValle, Newman, Talon, and Line Of Fire should certainly check out this promising debut from No Love Lost.

Mark Donnelly