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WILD AMERICA - OLD SCHOOL COOL (*NEW-CD, 2022, Kivel Records) elite AOR/hard rock!

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WILD AMERICA - OLD SCHOOL COOL (*NEW-CD, 2022, Kivel Records) elite AOR/hard rock!

Barcode: 798576135997

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  • Full length Kivel Records release
  • Debut GASOLINE also available at BoonesOverstock.com
  • The sophmore release following up the highly recommended and commercially successful GASOLINE debut album
  • For fans of Tango Down, Van Halen, SteelCity, Whitesnake, No Love Lost, and elite AOR / hard rock

***Don’t let anyone tell you that rock is dead. Old School Cool is a hook laden and anthem filled fun fest. Every song is big, electrified and powerful!
                                    Matthew Hunt - Brutal Planet Records

The songs are all instant radio-friendly hits. As the band describes it, ”a journey to Rock and Roll Disneyland.” Furthermore, the band is proud of their memorable arena rock sound. They aren’t trying to invent the wheel but want to hit their fans with memorable hooks, sing along choruses and lavish production. 
                                  Ralph Beauchamp - MyAmpMusic.co

Wild America really made an impact on me. I don’t know what I was expecting but this is truly an amazing release. By far Billy DiNapoli’s slicing guitar shines throughout the disc and if you get a chance pick up WILD AMERICA’s “Gasoline” then sit back and get ready for blast off…
                         Brian Rademacher - Rockeyes Reviews


Not every day do we toot our own horn. However allow us to put our conductor hat on and blow that train whistle a few times. Today we got a copy of the glass master from the manufacturer for the upcoming Wild America "Old School Cool." So we popped it into the Car Stereo cranked it up and took it for a spin! We honestly couldn't be more excited about this release. We told Wild America guitarist, Billy DiNapoli that we needed to raise the bar. Gasoline was GOOD, but we WANT BETTER! Well Billy and Co. Delivered! Everyone says the new album outshines their previous offering. Cliche' we know, but nonetheless Old School Cool truly surpasses the bands debut. Like a band finding the sweet spot as they come into their own. So get ready to down your sunglasses, pop it in, hit the gas and take it for a spin......Old School Cool style. Going back to School never looked so good. 
                                       KIVEL RECORDS

Bass, Vocals – Steve Wovkanech
Drums – Derrick Pontier
Keyboards – Andrew Kadin
Lead Guitar, Vocals – Billy DiNapoli
Lead Vocals, Guitar – Joe Labaddia


Are You Ready
Love'em & I'm Gone
She's a Good Woman
I Don't Need Your Love
Sometimes Love
Outside Inside
Until We Meet Again

Are You Ready/Love'em & I'm Gone/She's a Good Woman/I Don't Need Your Love
Name/Sometimes Love/Higher/Outside Inside/Stronger/Until We Meet Again