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ADRIANGALE - SUCKER PUNCH! Featuring Jamie Rowe of Guardian! (*NEW-CD, Kivel Records) ala Old School Guardian!

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Track list:

1. Sucker Punch!

2. The Black And Blue

3. When I Said You'd Be The One

4. All About Money

5. Believe

6. Give Me A Sign

7. What Would You Do

8. Temporis Intermiss

9. The World We Knew

10. Could've Been Me

11. You

Band line-up:

Lead Vocals: Jamie Rowe (GUARDIAN/TEMPEST)


Guitars: Eddie Campbell

Bass: Matt Mahoney

Simply put, Arena Rock doesn't get any better than this! Big arena anthems with a updated twist. If Daughtry met Def

Leppard the result would be ADRIANGALE !! With their signature style and infectiously melodic yet catchy of deeply

personal and often thought-provoking brand of hard rock. A powerhouse combination of the uniquely singular voice of

lead vocalist Jamie Rowe (of Guardian fame) and the instantly memorable tunes of chief songwriter and guitarist Vic

Rivera. Adriangale has consistently released albums that have become favorites of many melodic rock fans across the

globe. Always setting the bar high, in addition to their hook-filled songs, Adriangale's studio albums have featured top

notch musicianship . With their most celebrated album to date, CRUNCH, which was very well received , and highly

acclaimed by fans and critics alike. On that High note, an extended friendly hiatus went into effect. Now, Adriangale is

poised to return to top form , and in a big way! With an exciting comeback appearance at MelodicRock Fest 3 in

September 2013, while simultaneously releasing their anticipated new album, Sucker Punch! AG will not only pick up

where they left off, but pole vault right over the bar they previously set. As Sucker Punch is no question the bands best

album to date. Back in it for the long haul, with an aptly titled release, as no one will see this one coming. The best is yet

to come.