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ALTERNATIVE WORSHIP - PRAYER, PETITIONS & PRAISE (*NEW-RED VINYL, 2024, Retroactive) Mike Knott, Gene Eugene & Terry Taylor!!!

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  • Officially licensed
  • Originally released 1994 on Alarma Records
  • Mastered for Vinyl by Rob Colwell (Sixpence, Mad At the World)
  • 12x12 Lyrics Insert
  • Limited to just 200 copies world-wide
  • Featuring Michael Knott, Gene Eugene, and Terry Scott Taylor

A brilliant release that leans heavily on how weary we can find ourselves, but hope still shines through in the midst of our deepest darkness. All but one song is penned by Michael Knott (LSU, Aunt Betty's, Lifesavers, etc). It starts off strong with the first 3 tracks, driven by guitars, drums, bass, and piano. "On My Feet Again" is sung by Terry Scott Taylor of Daniel Amos with a nod to Spandau Ballet's "True" with the way the "high high high high" chorus part is executed. One of the many highlights is "Window," performed by Gene Eugene (R.I.P.) from Adam Again. Although written by Knott, it can easily mingle with some of the high points on Homeboys, Dig, or Perfecta, musically and lyrically. Gene Eugene is soulful with not just vocals but in his piano playing as well. "River of Love" is pure, unadulterated brilliance - sung by Knott - and carries a sense of frustration ("sick of empty banks, tanks, and pockets") mixed with worshipful longing ("pour me a bucket from your river of love"). Again, Eugene's piano playing is sublime and Knott has rarely sounded so convincingly vulnerable as he does here. This release feels like a necessary companion to the Brow Beat releases (Alarma Records as well) featuring much of the same cast. Alternative Worship is one of those releases worthy of repeated spins, because the music moves you deeply and it always seems to find a way to feed the soul. That is a rare find. If you are a fan of the music of Michael Knott, Terry Scott Taylor, or Gene Eugene this is essential. Mastered for Vinyl by Rob Colwell (Sixpence, Mad At the World, Deliverance), and comes with a 12x12 lyrics insert. Vinyl limited to just 200 copies.

01. On My Feet Again - Terry Scott Taylor
02. Window - Gene Eugene
03. River Of Love - Mike Knott
04. Simple Man - Terry Scott Taylor
05. Everything For Stormie - Mike Knott
06. Shine - Mike Knott
07. Call On You - Mike Knott
08. Never Forsaken - Mike Knott
09. Lamb Of God - Mike Knott
10. Holy, Holy, Holy - Mike Knott
11. Within - Mike Knott

On My Feet Again/Window/River Of Love/Simple Man/Everything For Stormie/Shine/Call On You/Never Forsaken/Lamb Of God/Holy, Holy, Holy/Within

On My Feet Again peformed by Terry Scott Taylor/Window performed by Gene Eugene/River Of Love performed by Mike Knott/Simple Man performed by Terry Scott Taylor/Everything For Stormie performed by Mike Knott/Shine performed by Mike Knott/Call On You performed by Mike Knott/Never Forsaken performed by Mike Knott/Lamb Of God performed by Mike Knott/Holy, Holy, Holy performed by Mike Knott/Within performed by Mike Knott