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CHILDREN OF THE DAY - WITH ALL OUR LOVE (Legacy Ed) (CD, 2012, Born Twice) Jesus Music

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CHILDREN OF THE DAY - WITH ALL OUR LOVE (Legacy Ed) (CD, 2012, Born Twice) Jesus Music

On the 1973 Maranatha! Music classic, With All Our Love the Children perfected their sound. Not a clunker in the bunch. Some of their best moments are on slower delicately constructed songs like 'Under The Shadow (Of My Wings),' 'You're A Gift' and 'Where Went The Days,' each of which is aglow with the group's fragile harmonies and sincere creative presentation. Hand clapping folk rockers like 'If You'll Take My Hand' show the group equally adept in a livelier format. 'Be Ye Still' throws in an accordion to melancholy effect. In fact, quite a few of the tunes are on the somber side. Influences of The Carpenters are present throughout, especially in the background vocals. String orchestration is used effectively on 'Can I Show You' and the saxophone-enhanced 'Two Lives, One Moment'. Pastor Chuck Smith steps in for a brief narration toward the end of 'The Crucifixion,' a convicting account of the cross. If I had to pick out my favorite of all their albums, this would be the one. The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott. This Born Twice Records reissue features the album digitally remastered and on CD for the first time ever, packaged in a four panel, full color digipak.

For fans of 2nd Chapter of Acts, Love Song, Mustard Seed Faith, and The Carpenters.

01 Under The Shadow (Of My Wings) 02 If You'll Take My Hand 03 You're A Gift 04 Russ' Song 05 Two Lives, One Moment 06 Be Ye Still 07 Where Went The days 08 Just Pretending 09 The Crucifixion 10 Can I Show You