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DAMN CHEETAH- PRIMAL (*CD, 2003, Kivel Records) labelmates w Tango Down

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DAMN CHEETAH- PRIMAL (*CD, 2003, Kivel Records) labelmates w Tango Down

For fans of Skid Row, Whitesnake, Def Leppard!

1 Damn Cheetah
2 Maybe Tomorrow
3 If You Like What You See
4 Forever
5 Love Thunder
6 Some Kinda Woman
7 Without Your Love
8 Gimme Gimme
9 King Of The Hill
10 Hungry For Love
11 Tonight

Les Brown - Vocals
Carl Fragnito - Guitar, backing vocals
Anthony Fragnito - Bass, backing vocals
Dante Renzi - Drums

Compilation of band demos recorded in 1988-90

You may have found this band by researching the lead singer (Les Brown) who sang the famous "Instruments of Destruction" track on the original Transformers Movie soundtrack. This is his new band and, yes, it does have a weird name but don't let that put you off. I was concerned that being a new band, the album would be mediocre at best but I was pleasantly surprised. This album is an excellent rock album including some heavy tracks and some ballads gives you a decent mix of the two. I was also astounded with how talented the lead guitarist is...amazing.The members are: Les Brown, Carlo Fragnito, Anthony Fragnito, Dante Renzi.I've listed the tracks on the album below and my rating of each.Damn Cheetah - 8/10 - Very catchy, heavy but reasonably fast rock song. Les shows his vocals to his best in this song.Maybe Tomorrow - 8.5/10 - Again, very catchy rhythm with a very nice guitar solo in the middle.If You Like What You See - 8/10 - Another catchy tune, rhythm sticks in your head. Not as heavy as the first two. Reminds me of the sort of track Hardline would do.Forever and a Day - 7/10 - A soft, slow ballad with a nice guitar sound.Love Thunder - 7.5/10 - Another heavish track with a catchy chorus.Some Kinda Woman - 6.5/10 - Reminds me of Whitesnake, Les uses a slightly different pitch of voice on this.Without Your Love - 7.5/10 - Another soft ballad with a very light but absorbing guitar sound in the background.Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie - 7.5/10 - Kinda Skidrow-ish, nice rock sound with a catchy drum beat.King of the Hill - 7.5/10 - A slowish rock song, again with a catchy guitar rhythm. Again, quite Skidrow-ish.Hungry for Love - 6/10 - My least favourite on here, it's okay but nothing reallt stands out.Tonight - 7.5/10 - This song took a little time to grow on me, the guitar solo 3/4 into the song is brilliant, you just don't hear solo's like this anymore.If you are into bands like Scorpions, Hardline, Whitesnake, Skidrow, Def Leppard, Black Stone Cherries, Airbourne, fact any rock bands then this is well worth buying, you won't be let down.