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GUARDIAN - ALMOST HOME (*NEW-CD, 2014) Iconic Christian ROCK!

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  • Iconic rockers re-assemble to record an elite Guardian rock album!
  • 2014 Digipak release
  • Jamie Rowe on vocals
  • Tony Palacios on guitar assault duties
  • Driving melodic rock manifesto 

A full-on hard rock assault from Christian rock/metal icons! These 10 songs are better than EVER!!!! For fans of Bride, Stryper, Extreme!!!! Almost Home delivers the goods production wise with a richly textured and warm feel allowing all instrumentation to stand out. Packaging is done equally well in a digi-pak format with multi-page mini booklet.

Track Listing: “Boom She Said” (3:49), “The Real Me” (3:46), “Little Things” (4:45), “Wonderful” (4:34), “California Rain” (5:13), “King Of Fools” (5:04), “Paranoia Kills” (3:02), “Price We Pay” (3:51), “Free” (4:04), “Almost Home” (4:31),

Jamie Rowe - Lead Vocals
Tony Palacios - Guitars
Jamey Parrenot - Guitars
David Bach - Bass
Karl Ney - Drums

Boom She Said/The Real Me/Little Things/Wonderful/California Rain/King Of Fools/Paranoia Kills/Price We Pay/Free/Almost Home