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Rob Cassels Band - Storming the Cassels Gate (3-CD Set) FIRST THREE ALBUMS + 5 NEW BONUS TRACKS - 2023 GIRDER RECORDS, Remastered, w/ Collectors Trading Card

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Rob Cassels Band - Storming the Cassels Gate (3-CD Set) FIRST THREE ALBUMS + 5 NEW BONUS TRACKS - 2023 GIRDER RECORDS, Remastered, w/ Collectors Trading Card

Christian Rock Legend and Pioneer, Rob Cassels has released a 3 Disc Set containing all the music from his first 3 album along with 5 newer recorded songs, previously unreleased. All three albums Evening Pastoral, Kamikaze Christian and Off The Wall have been completely remastered. The 3 Disc Set is part of the Legends of Rock series and has been given the Girder Treatment. It contains a LTD Collectors Card (Legacy series #21).

LIMITED TO JUST 500 COPIES.First 3 Albums Completely Remastered 

    • Features Steve Morse (DixieDregs, Kansas, Deep Purple)

    • Includes 5 New Unreleased Tracks on Disc 3

    • Disc 1: Evening Pastoral (1979) 
    • Disc 2: Kamikaze Christian (1983)
    • Disc 3: Off The Wall (1984) + 5 New Unreleased Bonus Tracks 
    • 8 Panel fold-out 3-Disc Set
    • LTD Collectors Trading Card Legacy Series #21
    • Legends of Rock™ Edition
2023 Girder Records, GR1154
    • Release Date: Jan 30, 2023
    • UPC: 765105159243

Evening Pastoral (DISC ONE) is Rob's first album, released in 1979. Blues,  jazz, Prog, and Southern Rock. The album, which few have heard and has long been considered a rare gem by collectors, featured a young Steve Morse on guitar. Morse had just launched The Dixie Dregs, and would eventually go on to play with Kansas, Deep Purple, and Flying Colors as well. But back in ’77 he was still just getting started with The Dregs, and with Morse’s help, Cassel’s passion, and the growing community forming around the music and the mission, Evening Pastoral was a solid debut that sparked bigger things for Rob and his friends.

Kamikaze Christian (DISC TWO) was their second album recorded in 1982 and is more rock oriented). Although clinging to their “Southern Boogie” roots, Kamikaze leaned harder into the emerging hard rock sound that bands like Van Halen and Aerosmith were taking to FM radio and MTV. The album’s single, “You Think I’m Crazy” played off the questions bystanders might ask about the seemingly illogical actions of someone caught up in the transformational power of love. Youth group kids relished the opportunity to own the craziness of radical faith, while Cassels found mainstream audiences receptive as well. 

Off The Wall (DISC THREE) In 1987 the band released an even more fully produced, and carefully conceived album called Off The Wall.  The title track referred specifically to an inmate having his life changed by reading John 3:16 on his cell wall. The album may have seemed even more aggressive to mainstream Christian rock fans at the time, but the band knew who their audience was, and it was increasingly not church folks. 

5 New Bonus Tracks (Also on DISC THREE) Five newer songs are included in this collection. “The Lord’s Prayer,” which features guitar work by both Morse and John Pickens of The Marshall Tucker Band, came to Cassels in a sort of vision and includes a 32-voice children’s choir. “The Father In Me” was written for Cassel’s daughter’s wedding. “Cry Of My Heart” brings back the old-school blues shuffle, “The Right Road” is a guitar explosion, and “He Be Coming Back” slows things down a bit, bringing in some of the older, B3-laced, psych-rock groove of Cassel’s roots. These newer songs, though tracked over thirty years later than the other songs in this collection, feel right at home.