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SAVIOUR MACHINE - LIVE IN DEUTSCHLAND 2002 (*NEW 2-DVD Set, 2002) Gothic, progressive powerful metal!

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The title for this review really says it all. What happens when you take one of the most unique musical acts to ever carry the "religious" tag and give them two hours to do pretty much whatever they want? Incredible.

To New Fans:

I've been a Saviour Machine fan for a while now and this DVD set does not disappoint on any level. If you manage to find this DVD somewhere, you should know that it is actually a 2-disc set. Disc 1 is the 2002 concert in Owen, Germany and includes music from all three released parts of the Legend trilogy (if only III:II were to come out...). Conversely, disc 2 includes several special features (including a photo gallery of the band from 1992-2002, a behind-the-scenes documentary and a couple other odds and ends) as well as the original 75 minute "Live in Deutschland" concert video from 1995. If you do find this DVD, get it... I have only ever come across it once, and it is worth getting.

To the curious:

Saviour Machine proves that you can be Christian and Gothic. True, it is a tightrope act, but it can be done. Other christian gothic bands (such as Virgin Black, Coriolis and Resurrection Eve) tend to end up falling more to one side or the other of that tightrope in that they either fail to have real spiritual content or they fail to achieve a genuinely Gothic expression, but Eric Clayton and Saviour Machine have succeeded in doing both very well. The thing to beware is that because the spiritual content is presented in a very Gothic way, there is a lot of theatrics that may shock more sheltered viewers. For example, in the 1995 video, there is a chorus to the song "The Stand" that is simply, "Drink the blood of the Lamb." During that chorus, there is a silver bowl on stage with (fake) blood that Eric takes a hearty swig from. Before getting too grossed out, ask yourself, "is that really any more offensive than John 6?" Suffice it to say, I have massive respect for an artist who preaches the end of the world by singing about the restoration of Israel after torching the UN flag on stage in Germany...

Saviour Machine - Live in Deutschland 2002 = Wow.