TITANIC - MAIDEN VOYAGE (CD, 2000, Magdalene) Robert Sweet/Stryper

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Original 1996 album was reissued by Magdalene Records in 2000 and added 3 bonus tracks added featuring Robert Sweet From Stryper!


1 Nightmare

2 You've Got Nothing On Me

3 Gods Of War

4 And The Dead Shall Rise

5 Ocean Of Blood

6 Hollywood Blvd.

7 I Don't Believe

8 Fight Back

9 I Am Watching You

10 Freak Show

Bonus Tracks

11 Don't Care

12 Freak Show

13 Suicide Doctor

Companies, etc.

Distributed By M8 Distribution


Drums  Robert Sweet (tracks: 11, 12, 13)


This is the first reissue of Titanic's debut album, and features the 1996 original issue version of the album tracks (1 through 10), which were recorded with a drum machine. Bonus tracks 11 and 12 were originally released on a 2-song demo CD sold by the band in 1997. Track 11 is actually a reworking of Track 1 with slightly modified lyrics. Track 13 is a new song about Jack Kevorkian, and is exclusive to this release.


Christian metal band Titanic was another band that managed to slip through the cracks in the mid 1990s. The grunge era was hard enough for regular hard rock and heavy metal bands, but Christian bands seemed to have an even harder time weathering that particular storm. Titanic had the misfortune of trying to break into a scene that was more or less dying. 1996's Maiden Voyage was the band's debut offering.

Titanic's sound is definitely rooted in classic heavy metal and thrash..... Thick pounding guitar riffs slam down intense rhythms and the vocals that wail/scream/shout intensity.

Titanic was a Christian band, but their lyrical content was never so evangelical that it would scare off the average metal fan looking for a good album regardless of the message. If you dig into the lyrics you'll see plenty of examples of the band's faith, but in most cases the lyrics seem open to interpretation. The manifesto "I Don't Believe" is an obvious, and at times offensive, exception.

It's probably not an essential release even in the Christian metal world, but Maiden Voyage is a totally enjoyable metal album that is well worth hearing, especially now that it has been given such a finely tuned reissue.