XT - REVIVED: STANDING FOR JESUS CHRIST (*NEW-CD, 2019, Talking Music) Swedish Import

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CD is a 4 panel digipak with a 16 page booklet insert featuring lyrics, and band photos!

Melodic heavy rock with XT. The XT group releases a new CD. The band formed in 1991 by guitarist Björn Stigsson (Leviticus) and singer Sonny Larsson (Motherlode) took a break for many years. During the 1990s, the group released 3 records, but after the last one that came out in 1995 it ended. For a while anyway. It had been intense years and the records were released all over the world. They sold very well, especially in Japan, which often takes hard rock with great enthusiasm. But also in Sweden XT received attention and the evening paper Aftonbladet in 1994 named the song "The silent cry" for this year's strongest song! It also shows the social commitment that the musicians always have had. The song addressed the subject of incest which unfortunately is still urgent. As a basis for the texts, there is a Christian message but where social consciousness is present. Another of the band's songs, "On the Run", is about vulnerable children in Brazil. Both Björn and Sonny have had sponsor children. In the 1990s, grunge and death metal were popular. But with the great interest that is again present for heavy melodic and progressive rock, XT's music is quite right in time. The musical role models are bands like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and Genesis. XT reunited again in the spring of 2017 and already by the end of the year their fourth album came out. "Saved by the Blood" got good reviews and contained melodic heavy rock music. Some gigs in Sweden took place. But the musicians' good reputation and contact network also led them abroad. Yes, actually as far away as Laos where they performed at a big festival. But it was not only the concerts that felt great for the musicians. The biggest impression was to play at an orphanage! From the gage the musicians got bought the coloring books for the kids. Being able to do something for the smallest in society, those who are often forgotten, is something that the musicians in XT are passionate about. A good example of how they go from word to action! That little together can do a lot. The new album, the band's fifth, is called "XT Revived" and contains no new songs but still it is new material. But still it is new in another way. The songs are selected from the first three records and recorded again with the band's current musicians. The guitarist Björn Stigsson says that it was a better choice than to make a remix. The result has become a better and contemporary sound played by today's constellation of XT. New in the band since the last album is the drummer Thomas Weinesjö. Other members are Sonny Larsson (vocals), Björn Stigsson (guitar, keyboards, moog taurus), Peter Carlsohn (bass, moog taurus) and Danne Tibell (Hammond organ, keyboards).


1.The Rock in My Life
2.Standing for J C
3.The Silent Cry
4.Got Love
5.The Battle
6.Call Your Name
7.I Want Love
8.On the Run
9.Looking for Love
10.Face to Face
11.Cant Live Without You
12. One Way to Heaven