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CRIMSON THORN - UNEARTHED + PLAGUED DEMO (*NEW-CD, Gold Disc Edition, 2019, Bombworks Records)

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CRIMSON THORN - UNEARTHED + PLAGUED DEMO (*NEW-CD, Gold Disc Edition, 2019, Bombworks Records) 

The advantage of the gold reflection layer is its increased resistance to corrosion, in contrast to the ordinary aluminium layer found on normal compact discs. Due to concerns over the incidence of CD rot on early CDs, gold CDs 
were thus seen as a potential solution.

"Compare any gold disc to its standard-priced silvery cousin, and the golden one will invariably seem richer, deeper, clearer -- better. There are plenty of audiophiles willing to pay extra if it means they'll get more from the recordings they love."

**Also, see our limited edition 200 Unit Vinyl Pressing of Unearthed

- 500 Unit Pressing
- Remastered to perfection by Bombworks Sound
- Includes the 7-tracks elite thrash/death demo, "Plagued" as a bonus
-Jewel Case release
-Gold Disc to fight against disc rot of your classic music
-Originally released 1994
-Old School death metal ala Six Feet Under, Obituary, Death, and Cannibal Corpse 

Crimson Thorn is well-known as the Christian Cannibal Corpse. A must-have for people who dig brutal death metal and the low-low growls. This album literally includes a liner note warning that no effects were used on the vocals! From beginning to end the blast beats, double bass assaults, guttural growls, and multi-molten death metal fury never lets up! Limited to just 500 copies, get your Gold Disc Edition / Metal Icon Series pure guttural death metal while you can! Remastered by Bombworks Sound, 12 page booklet, and includes the original Plagued Demo as an added bonus.


1-1 Unearthed
1-2 Decrepit
1-3 Cultivate Decay
1-4 Ignorant Self
1-5 Your Carcass
1-6 Asphyxiated
1-7 Malignant Masters
1-8 Defaced
1-9 Comatose
1-10 Imminent Wrath
1-11 No Exceptions
1-12 Perverse Policies (Plagued Demo)
1-13 Misrepresented Representation (Plagued Demo)
1-14 Prophet Of Death (Plagued Demo)
1-15 Crimson Thorn (Plagued Demo)
1-16 Plagued (Plagued Demo)
1-17 Corruption Of The Flesh (Plagued Demo)
1-18 No Suicide (Plagued Demo)