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MORTIFICATION - BREAK THE CURSE 1990 (*NEW-CD, 2001, Rowe Productions)

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MORTIFICATION - BREAK THE CURSE (CD, 2001, Rowe Productions)

1994 compilation from Australian Death/Thrash Metal band Mortification with Christian theme lyrics includes 1990 Demo recordings when band was known as Light Force, issued on CD by Nuclear Blast.

Track listing is 1. Blood Sacrifice 03:36 2. Brutal Warfare 04:02 3. Impulsation 04:30 4. Turn 00:57 5. New Beginnings 02:37 6. Break the Curse 02:38 7. Illusion of Life 04:56 8. Your Last Breath 03:25 9. Journey of Reconciliation 04:27 10. The Majestic Infiltration of Order 01:08

In Australia, something dark and sinister was stirring. Out of the ashes of the classic metal band, Lightforce came Mortification. In 1990 they were a raw thrash metal band, but they would go on to unleashed the first christian death metal album, the self-titled `Mortification' in 1991. It was far more brutal than any other christian releases at the time. They signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records who specialised in death metal and released their 1992 follow-up `Scrolls Of The Megilloth' which was a masterpiece of fast death metal with some doom influences. It was a mark of a great band that they were highly regarded in the whole of death metal scene at that time and `Scrolls' is still considered to belong to the elite albums of that scene.

The band was composed of Steve Rowe (bass & vocals), Cameron Hall (guitar) and Jayson Sherlock (drums). After the success of `Scrolls', Nuclear Blast decided to re-release `Break The Curse' in 1994 as Mortification were gaining in popularity. It was to also be re-released in 2001 by Rowe Productions.