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WINTERSOUL - FROZEN STORM APOCALYPSE (*NEW-CD, Nokternal Hemizphear, 2010) elite Christian Black Metal

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WINTERSOUL - FROZEN STORM APOCALYPSE (*NEW-CD, Nokternal Hemizphear, 2010) elite Christian Black Metal


1 Frostland 0:44
2 Dawn Of The Ice Hearts 3:41
3 Thorns Of Winter 4:53
4 Dark Winter Skies 5:50
5 The Awakening 3:45
6 Shades Of Terror 4:35
7 Shadows Of Death 4:27
8 Blood On Ice 4:05
9 As The Snow Falls... 2:07

I am typing this review solely for the purpose of doing my best to guide those who have not heard this cd and are interested. Sorry if it's not perfect for those who are(think they are) politically correct. Kicking things off this album is black metal with some death metal flavorings which I think add/enhance and keep things from getting drab/typical. The male vocals are 95 percent black metal style vox with 5 percent gutteral death vox. And of course there are some female vocals/narrarations in some of the music(I'm sure this will piss off the so called bm elitists). Since almost every band is compared to someone, in this case I would say the music is comparable to Marduk mostly, with also some elements of Krisiun and Immortal. The guitars have a pretty thick heavy sound(espscially for black metal) and the drumming is top notch. As far as sound qualitiy is is latter day Immortal rather than early Burzum. Accept it or piss off... The drumming in my opinion is what makes this album. If you love precision blasting(in a way faster Bill Steer) with lightning fills in your black metal this is for you. There are subtle atmospheric parts, but for the most part besides the grim/spacey sounding intro and outro instrumetals this is skullcrushing brutal black metal. The lyrics in my opinion are outstanding, every song deals with a wintery/spiritual theme. If you buy the cd instead of downloading/pirating it like a b---h you will know what I mean. Show some initiative, I mean what is more metal than winter? But every so slightly expanding on that the songs deal with winter and spiritual battles as in the dark overpowering/impending nature of starless black winter. I explained it the best I could, I'm sure many can do better than myself and I hope they do so. Wrapping things up as far as I know(Unless heaven forbid I am mistaken) this is a Christian band who hints at but does not beat you over the head with their overall message. I think they presented things excellently but then again the so called purists out there will criticize regardless of how great the music is. Thus be it so, cry us all an ocean. In closing I would describe this cd as Winter Metal comparable to Marduk/Krisiun(if comparisons are necessary). This is Grim grinding black metal folks, you love it or you hate it. There are no apologies and there will be no remorse. Enjoy or be obliterated by the Holocaust of Ice.